Wednesday, July 16, 2008


last year a week before Comic Con me and Matt decided to make a pilot

this is the result


Superheroes: Champions of Justice, super powered Titans who defend truth, honesty, and all things good in the world. In a world of Superheroes, Villains, and cosmic battles, hero-worship takes on a whole new meaning. Children don’t grow up wanting to be rock stars or sports heroes, they want to have the power to save the world and the fame that comes along with it.
I pitched this at WB back in May of 2006

then at Fox/Starz in early 2008

I originally posted this here

Thursday, August 2, 2007


it all started with a doodle i was working on a pitch for my version of the 80's JLI

led by Black Lighting

when i did this doodle of a new take on his costume trying to go for a retro 70's vibe

Matt saw it and said i want to do a show about him

at this point even pitching JLR was not a reality

this is the drawing i did for the pitch we did for JLR at WB

you scan see i went with a more tame version of Black lighting

even before we decided to pitch JLR for reel we were throeing around ideas for what would become super hero club house

i tweaked the design for Black Lighting and Chocolate Thunder was born

our first pass on super hero club house was a reality show fro super heroes still a fun idea but not what we really wanted

this is the drawing i did for our first pitch of super hero club house witch at the time was called super reality bights

this is the ink of the redesign i did for Chocolate Thunder when we decided to turn it in to super hero clubhouse and ditch the reality show premise

and this is the color comp of Chocolate Thunder